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          Our school library is a treasure trove of knowledge consisting of nearly 10,000 books providing an access to variety of resources accelerating creative thinking and reasoning.

English Mentor Language Lab& Digital Lab:

          The English Mentor lab plays an important role in the language learning process. The students learn the pronunciation, and accent of the English vocabulary and communicate more fluently.

Science Lab:

The Science lab is well equipped with laboratory equipments for learning Physics, Chemistry and Biology practically.Students are encouraged to use these laboratories effectively.

Computer Lab:

          We have well designed computer lab with one on one  access. We have nearly   110 Computers in our lab currently.

Edu – Comp Smart Class:

          The 68 Class rooms are equipped with digital boards for visual learning to connect technology with education.

Prayer Hall:

          Praying together is an extremely important facet of student and teachers formation. The students and teachers have the privilege of receiving the graces of the Great Lord in the prayer hall during the monthly prayer service.


          The School has a hitech auditorium accommodating  nearly750    people.

Sports Room:

          The sports room is the store room for all kinds of indoor and outdoor games.